Best Nipple Covers For All Occasions Reviewed

We’ve all at one point wished we could get the right bra to go with that strapless or backless dress only to give up since conventional bras can’t get that transparent. The good news is that should no longer be a problem if you know your nipple covers.

Silicone or adhesive pasties let you wear your favorite dress without worrying of straps or nipples poking through the fabric. With these, you can rock your outfit with utter confidence.

The Best Pasties is your ultimate guide to choosing the right pasties and nipple covers for the right occasion. I’ll give you detailed explanations, comparisons and valuable advice that will come in handy when choosing your pasties.

What Are Nipple Covers?

Nipple covers are used to hide your nipples giving the breast a smooth lining under your clothing. An adhesive on the inside sticks them to the skin and could be disposable or washable reusable pieces.

They can be loosely referred to as nipple pasties or sometimes breast petals. While they were originally used as decorative pieces designed to be seen during performances, modern fashion has an array of nude or skin colored covers whose sole purpose it to cover up and not be seen.

Most of them use skin safe glue or are held in place using double-sided fashion tape.

Choosing the Right Breast Nipple Covers

There’s a wide range of factors to consider when choosing the perfect pasties for that big occasion. My reviews will always focus on:

  • The comfort and stickiness which will determine if you can happily wear them all day
  • The overall quality of the covers
  • Reusability without losing shape or wearing out the adhesive
  • Their ability to get the job done by actually hiding the nipples
  • Their price compared to other covers that can accomplish the same goals

My Top Silicon Nipple Covers Recommendations

What to Look for in Your Nipple Wear

There are tons of reusable and non-reusable nipple covers out there but not all of them are worth your money or time. Here is a couple of details to consider when comparing nipple pasties.

What Are They Made of?

Most of the reliable nipple covers are made of silicon. Even though you might find some made of rubber and other artificial materials, silicon is the safest, especially if it is hypoallergenic silicone. Hypoallergenic silicone is the premium material in nipple covers and sometimes adhesive bras.

The chances of getting skin irritation with such nipple covers are lower. Komen and Nippies are the top nipple cover brands who use this kind of silicone.

The Adhesive

The quality of adhesive is a great issue especially if you are going to wear your nipple cover for long or it is a reusable type. Most of the cheap nipple covers tend to use cheap adhesives that won’t last long enough. Some of the best adhesives on the high-quality covers could last up to 50 uses.

The Color and Finish

Finally, ensure that the finish and color matches your skin tone and the clothes you will wear. Shiny covers might be great in dark clothes but will be visible in white or light tops. The best way out is to go for a matte nipple cover that will remain nondescript regardless of your fabric colors.

Best Practices for Silicone Breast Nipple Covers

The general rule of the thumb is to ensure that you won’t react with the adhesive or cover material at all time. Do a skin patch test with the adhesive if you are not sure. Avoid applying the pastie on broken or skin burned areas as they are more sensitive.

Apart from just wearing them with your dress, you can use them beneath your sports bra to reduce friction, use them in your swimsuit to hide the nipples when you get cold or use them when out tanning to eliminate the tell-tale bikini strap lines.

Nipple covers offer absolute comfort and convenience to a wide range of dressers. Choosing the best model and using it right will guarantee you the best experience. Check out my adhesive guide on how to keep your pasties on for longer and remove them from the skin safely even if the stick. Nothing should get between you and the ultimate comfort these petals offer.