Agam-Intima Silicone Nipple Covers Review

Agam intimaAgam-Intima nipple covers are designed for the lady who wants to wear a back revealing gown, a strapless or spaghetti-strap top, or a tight top –all situations that don’t allow you to wear a bra.

These pasties are smooth and natural looking and will be undetectable under most clothing thanks to the tapered edges that conveniently blend into the shape of your breasts. The good thing about Agam-Intima silicone pasties is that you don’t need additional adhesive to keep them in place. Simply attach them on your nipples and they’ll easily cling on to give a natural look.

There is nothing better than a comfortable, light-weight, and natural-looking nipple concealer that lets you go braless without even noticing. The pasties are made from high quality materials, 100% medical-grade silicone, that’s why they are reusable up to 100 times. Going for under $10, these pasties provide a great deal for those looking for a cost-friendly yet comfortable way of going braless.

Just like the nippies skin nipple cover, you should be cautious when wearing a thin white-colored top since these pasties will appear like big areolas. The problem can be solved by choosing a nipple cover that blends perfectly with your skin tone.

As a bonus, Agam-Intima will provide a free e-book on 101 Lady Tips when you purchase these silicone pasties through the link provided below.

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