DIMRS Self-Adhesive Silicone Nipple Covers Review

Having tested Dimrs silicone nipple covers for a total of over 7 days, we can recommend these as one of the best nipple covers available in the market. Dimrs are so soft and comfortable and can be worn under any fabric, whether light or heavy, without causing discomfort. One of the most amazing features of the Dimrs pasties is the reliable self-adhesive that is activated by body heat and stays in place even during intense activity. This feature is highly effective and you can see that from these reviews received on Amazon.

dimrs nipple covers reviewsThe edges of the DIMRS nipple covers are laser cut to be comfortable, fitting, and bend naturally to the contours and shape of the areola. Whether you want to wear a backless dress, plunging gown, yoga tops, or workout clothes, don’t stress yourself with uncomfortable bras or leave your full headlights on when you can get yourself a pair of Dimrs nipple concealers. Not only do they prevent those awkward stares from those around you, they also protect your nipples from chaffing.

We noticed that the self-adhesive on the Dimrs silicone pasties makes it easier to clean and maintain them. Simply wash them with water and mild soap after use and they’ll be ready to be reused. Unlike other reusable nipple covers, the DIMRS don’t lose their adhesive since they don’t have one. Simply put them on and the body heat will activate the self-adhesive.

The Dimrs nipple covers are one of the most comfortable that you can get in the market. Its self-adhesive is highly functional and the 100% Hypoallergenic silicone is soft and makes you feel confident and comfortable. They are invisible under tight tops and give your breasts a natural appearance. These pasties are also easy to care for and come in nude and cocoa colors to suit most color tones. This product is made in the USA with the highest quality of materials and technology used.

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DIMRS NipStik Nipple Covers for Swimming Review

dimrs swimming nipple coversIf you need a version of the DIMRS nipple covers specially designed for swimming, then go for the Dimrs NipStik. This product is made from 100% adhesive silicone that is comfortable and safe. Whether you are splashing in the water in competitive swimming or enjoying your precious moments at the beach, the Dimrs NipStik are your ideal choice.

In our tests, we found out that the Dimrs NipStik tend to stick on the nipples even during vigorous swimming. Not only does this product hide the nipples and prevent them from chafing, it is also comfortable and doesn’t irritate or make you uncomfortable during swimming. They are worth every penny if you are looking for comfortable and excellent nipple covers for wearing with swimwear.

Where To Buy:  Buy Dimrs NipStik Nipple Covers From Amazon