Backless-dress-perfect for nipple coverSo tonight is a special night:

You are going for that important dinner and have a beautiful backless gown to grace the night. However, you can’t wear a bra with it. It’s equally uncomfortable to go without a bra; your headlights are going to divert people’s attention!

Whether you are facing this or a similar situation, one thing is for sure –you must get a perfect way to conceal your nipples for that occasion. It is for this reason that disposable nipple covers were developed. And it is the same reason why you need to get these nipple concealers.

Aside from keeping your headlights in check, breast covers also help prevent nipple chaffing.

Now that you know the importance of disposable nipple covers, there is just one simple problem ahead. Which is the best nipple cover for one-time use?

To address this issue, I have created the following comprehensive guide featuring 10 of the best disposable nipple covers in the market right now. These covers each have their own special quality that I have highlighted. Feel free to choose any that meets your needs.

5 Best Disposable Nipple Covers in 2017

Braza Petal Tops

Braza Petal Tops

  • 100% Polyester

  • Waterproof

  • soft absorbent center

Ayliss Nipple Covers
Ayliss Nipple Covers

  • Made from Satin

  • soft and comfortable

  • Doesn't hold sweat

WingsLove Nipple Covers
WingsLove Nipple Covers

  • Hypoallergenic Adhesive

  • Highly comfortable

  • Smooth with soft center

Kissrose Nipple Covers

Kissrose pasties

  • Hypoallergenic Adhesive

  • Made from stretchy satin

  • Gentle on skin

Hollywood Fashion Secrets
Hollywood fashion reusable

  • Waterproof

  • Soft Edges

  • Comfortable

Disposable Nipple Covers –Pros & Cons

  • Cheap
  • Best for sweaty skin, no reusing
  • Can be used for swimming and tanning
  • Made from comfortable material since no cleaning
  • Most disposable pasties are made from materials that are visible under very light dresses

Reviews: Top 5 Disposable Nipple Covers

1. Braza Petal Tops

Braza Petal TopsBraza Petal Tops are made from 100% polyester that slightly stretches and gently conforms to the contours of your nipple. This knitted material is carefully designed with added padding in the middle that makes them comfortable to wear for extended periods. With a non-sensitizing adhesive and a soft center, few nipple covers can beat the comfort provided by Braza nipple concealers. These nipple covers and waterproof meaning that they can be worn with a bathing suit, for swimming, or for a topless tanning. There is also a cocoa version for users with tanned skin.

2. Ayliss Nipple Covers

Ayliss Nipple CoversIf you know something about nipple covers, then you have probably heard of Ayliss. Yet again, these manufacturers behind a wide range of nipple covers don’t put a foot wrong in creating these disposable petals. The special design is charming and elegant and different from the common round and brown nipple covers. They are made from satin and are great for wearing under T-shirts, sheer or transparent blouses, and tank tops. What’s more amazing with these Ayliss disposable nipple covers is that they can be worn under nothing and still look sexy in events such as carnivals! They come in 10 pairs.

3. WingsLove Nipple Covers

WingsLove Nipple CoversWingsLove nipple covers are made from satin which stretches to conform to your breast shapes. This makes them comfortable and prevents situations where nipple covers show directly through your shirt. The center has a hypoallergenic adhesive that gently attaches to your skin and is easy to remove. Before you use these disposable nipple covers, make sure to moisten your breast using a wet towel. This activates the adhesive and prevents the nipple covers from falling off.

4. Kissrose Nipple Covers

Kissrose pastiesMade from Hypoallergenic Adhesive and non-woven fabric, Kissrose disposable nipple concealers bring fashion, sexy, and comfort in one package. Whether you are going out in the sun without a bra or are just looking for something comfortable to wear under your shirt or dress, then these nipple covers should make it your list. One of the best things about Kissrose disposable nipple covers is that they have a good adhesive that sticks in place throughout its use.

5. Hollywood Fashion Secrets

Hollywood fashion reusable

These nipple covers are designed not only to prevent your modesty, but also ensure the areola is aerated to prevent sweat from accumulating. They are thin and can’t be easily spotted when worn under a light top or t-shirt. If you intend to wear them with a sheer top, make sure that you select a color that matches your skin tone. They also have a strong adhesive to hold tight. Make sure to moisturize your nipples with a wet towel before wearing them. Also, during removal use a little water to remove them in case they are sticky. Overall, Hollywood fashion secrets disposable nipple covers are perfect for both oily and dry skin.

Things to Consider When Choosing a Disposable Nipple Cover

There are many disposable nipple covers in the market nowadays and you might find yourself spoilt for choice. When buying a disposable nipple cover, you need to keep the following things in mind:
Material –If you have sensitive skin, then you are better off with hypoallergenic nipple covers. The material should also be thin, soft, and sold. Avoid nipple covers that are so thin to the extent that you can see nipples through them.
Adhesive- The quality of the adhesive is important especially when you are going to wear these covers for extended periods. The adhesive should be easy to use and easy to remove. Avoid nipples covers that have a weak adhesive since they may embarrass you in public.
Color – You skin tone will determine the type of nipple cover you choose. Beige nippies are best for light skinned individuals while cocoa-colored pasties blend well with brown or tanned skin. Many of these nipple covers come in different colors so make sure to choose your preferred color while shopping.

Final Thoughts

Having reviewed the best disposable nipple covers you can find in the market right now, it is your turn to select which one works for you. All of them are good in one way of another and now the only things to consider include the price and number of nipple covers you will get for that price.