Nippies Skin Nipple Covers Review

Nippies Skin pasties are perfect for any lady who needs soft, thin, and comfortable nipple covers that can be easily worn under a dress and be unnoticeable. Made in the USA, Nippies Skin silicone pasties not only cover your modesty when wearing a backless dress, they are comfortable and won’t cause irritation even on sensitive skin. See customer reviews

Nippies Skin nipple covers are designed to be ultra-thin and invisifeel so that they won’t show through your clothing. However, whenever you are selecting the color, make sure to choose one that matches your skin tone. Picking a darker color or lighter than your breasts will make these nipple covers look like big areolas when worn under sheer or light white clothes. If you have light skin but dark nipples, you are better off with the medium color

The ends are tapered to blend seamlessly into the skin for the smoothest of looks. Even better, the Nippies Skin pasties are washable and reusable. You can actually use them for over an entire year! They are in every sense, worth your money.

The cup like feature of the nipple covers enables them to fit any breast size including DD size. They will stay in place for long even if you sweat quite a lot. The only con for those who sweat is that the sweat might accumulate in these nippies. Otherwise, they will stay in place for long thanks to the super adhesive which doesn’t lose strength even when the pasties are washed.

Nippies Skin boasts of celebrity fans including Rihanna, Rachel Zoe, Taraji P Henson, Gabrielle Union, among many others. If anything, these are one of the best nipple covers in the market. For more information, check out these real customer reviews.

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