Going braless is next to impossible unless you are using some nipple covers and sometimes a fashion tape to keep your twins presentable. The next biggest decision after settling for high-quality silicon nipple covers is choosing between reusable covers and disposable ones. While the difference might sound plain and simple, most silicon breast covers users will have trouble making the call.

Why Use Reusable Stick-on Nippies?

The main benefit of using the reusable covers is you can afford to invest in a set of high-quality and expensive covers and use them for a while without feeling the pinch.

Other than having to remove and apply them carefully to avoid damage the regular hygiene upkeep, reusable nipple covers are in every way more convenient than the disposable nipple covers.

The top advantages that come with reusable pasties include:

  • The tend to be higher quality and safer to the skin
  • You can afford to go for premium brand covers since the elongated time of use will justify the price tag
  • Innovative application technologies that focus on making them easy to remove without damage makes them better on your skin

Choosing Your Reusable Stick on Nipple Covers

Don’t just look at the price tags. Pay attention to important features like appearance under the clothes, the number of times you can reuse them, the adhesive or stick on technology they use and most importantly the material they are made of.

Bestpasties.com advocates for nothing less of hypoallergenic silicone since it’s the most inert of all the materials.

This is no guarantee that your skin might not reject the pasties – especially if they use an adhesive. Test the adhesive or nipple petal on some skin on your upper arm and watch for any allergic reactions if it is your first time using silicon nipple covers and have sensitive skin.

Best Reusable Silicone Nipple Covers to Buy

Reusable nipple covers are perfect for those one-off dress ups that force you to wear strapless or bareback dresses. They are a perfect solution to the power user who is tired of filling her trash can with disposable nipple covers. All you have to do is find the perfect pair for your boobs.

Don’t forget to match your breast size or color with the nipples to avoid embarrassing nip slips or tell-tale color clashing looks.